Friday, May 06, 2005

Life Goes On..

Life is such a matter of perception and experience. Have you ever spoken to different people and seen how most of us have such different views on how we perceive life. Life is such a small word, yet so big. It holds everything we know and believe. Whether material or spiritual. It talks of love, hatred, pain, laughter, death, betrayal, sufferings, joy, hope, poverty, riches etc. Its everything. And then I think about myself. I think, how small I am. That life is so big. But how rich I am because I function in this world as a part of life. And I survive.

I think of hope. That it is because of hope that we carry on in life. Hope that gives us that ray of sunshine even in our darkest moments. Hope that sometimes seems so far away, yet is in a little thing, a child's laughter, the breeze on our skin, a restful sleep, we see a glimpse of it and we wonder. And we hope. Hope the definition of which I found in the lord. Because hope is what gave me purpose. I used to think that life was so meaningless. We are born, we live in this world, have a family or the alternative and grow old and die to return to the ground. Back to dust. What meaning does that have. Nothing. It didn't make sense. For those who have not experienced pain, they live in a world of shallow waters. Everything is laughter, everything is just for the moment. But no purpose. And that is why we see many seeking that purpose, that peace through so many different channels. Like drugs, sex, alcohol, work, abuse, crime, etc. But it never gives real peace because there is no purpose, but for the moment. No hope.

We should see that hope in God. We should realize the purpose for which he came in contact with the world. The hope he gave for a life here after. The challenge not only of survival, but of finding peace in the midst of a storm, joy in the midst of sorrow, love in the midst of a hating world. Jesus said I am the light of the world. No one goes to the Father "God" except through me.

I have never turned back. It is in that hope that I find peace. Its in that hope that I perceive the World and all that is in it including myself. It is with that hope that my life goes on.

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